Finding Your Groove in a World That is Always On

What is work-life balance? Well to different people it means different things. For some, it means choosing between an afterhours conference call with the team or taking your sick child the doctor.  What do you do? Well first, you make sure you work with a wonderful group of people, like the employers and coworkers at Xavier Creative House, whose core values include a solid work-life balance that puts family first. Maybe not all the time.  But in emergency situations … of course!

At XCH, we value each and every member of our team and establishing a positive work-life balance is essential to our company culture. Employees who take care of themselves and their families/personal lives, make for better, smarter, healthier, happier employees.  We consider it a win-win. So how can we encourage our employees strike that balance in a world that wants them to be available 24/7?

Schedule Life

We use our calendars every day to block out time for calls, meetings, brainstorms and production time. Why not use those same calendars to block out time to take care of yourself and your family? From dinner with your spouse to a work out in the morning, you can use organization to create balance.

Shout it From the Mountain Tops

Tell your team when you need to unplug so that it is not unexpected.  Let them know you are unavailable after 6:30 because you have to go to a soccer game, or play practice, or to just have an uninterrupted meal with your family.  And when you unplug, really unplug. Give yourself and those around you a break from the work talk.

When You’re on Vacation, Vacate

Get lost, leave, disappear. Vacation is your time and should not be spent answering emails. It’s the time to put down your phone and find your Zen to reinvigorate and charge to refuel creativity.

Invest in Yourself

Find a hobby or interest that is just as fulfilling as work. Go hiking, grow tomatoes, take piano lessons.  Find a passion that allows you to escape work.

At Xavier Creative House we want our employees to remember that work-life balance means setting aside time for themselves, so that they can be happier doing the work they love and building brands that make our clients proud.



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