Finding the Spark in the Dark

The news is filled with inspiring stories of people who are stepping up to help others. Whether it is our first responders working at their own risk, corporations retooling to make medical equipment cooperation, or private citizens making protective gear, there is something about a crisis that brings out the best in people.

How Creativity Works
When people feel emotion, it stimulates a response such as laughter, tears, or a gasp. Similarly, recent events are stimulating creativity. We are all learning how to get by with less access to our normal outlets for food, services, and personal interaction. How we manage is a function of the workarounds we create. On social, this is called a hack, such as making a face mask out of a bandana. We call this Harnessing the Magic. It is one of our core values that inspire our team to cultivate positive energy to propel original thinking that sources outcomes that go beyond our client’s expectations.

Pick Your Podcast
This past month, our team has been listening to a diverse sampling of podcasts to keep the creativity flowing. We are happy to share the list with you and would love to hear back on other podcasts you suggest.

  • 2 Docs Talk
  • This American Life
  • The Joe Rogan Experience
  • ArmChair Experts
  • The Tim Ferris Show
  • The MindBodyGreen Podcast
  • Akimbo: A Podcast from Seth Godin

At Xavier Creative House we consider creativity the spark that generates original thinking to fuel our bold and evocative creative solutions. We are sending a spark out to everyone in our network to make something amazing happen. We believe life is about connections and we are here for you to keep you inspired.

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