Explain Yourself! Healthcare Explainer Videos Can Be Your Best Ally

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Back in the “old days,” physicians learned new information about products and devices by reading journal articles or white papers provided to them by sales reps. Patients learned new health information from their doctors, period. Now, however, things have changed – doctors have no time to see sales reps, patients come to their doctors having already researched their condition and the device, procedure, or medication they believe they need. As healthcare marketers, how do we keep up as learning methods change?


“But I Saw It on The Internet”

Dear Internet,

It can be difficult to communicate about complex topics and issues related to healthcare, but it can be done – and done effectively – through the use of live or animated videos. For example, these videos can be used by healthcare organizations to demonstrate new practices to nurses and doctors, or to train sales reps in how to explain new products effectively and efficiently, using multimedia in their presentations. Explainer videos can also be used by pharmaceutical companies and other healthcare organizations as a resource for patient information. These videos can be used for various many other purposes as well:

  • “Mechanism of action” videos have become a staple at medical conventions and on the “For Healthcare Professionals (HCPs)” part of pharmaceutical product websites, as they demonstrate how a medicine works at the molecular level.
  •  Explainer videos can show both consumers and medical practitioners how a specific device functions.
  • Videos can be used with patients who use products that treat conditions that require lifestyle changes in addition to medication adherence. They can educate patients on following a healthy diet, keeping fit, and staying aware of changes in their medical conditions, so they know when to contact their healthcare professional.
  • For corporate training, explainer videos are an ideal vehicle for communicating the corporate message to employees of the company.
  •  When it comes to branding, explainer videos are used all the time to assist with branding pharmaceutical products on TV and online.

There are a variety of benefits to using explainer videos in the healthcare industry. The trust of consumers is both hard-won and highly valued. Videos, from whiteboard animations of how a particular bodily function like breathing or digestion works to product videos about the advantages of a certain medicine can help companies show leadership through education – and earn that precious trust. In an industry in which the terminology is often beyond the understanding of common people, healthcare explainer videos can cut through the clutter, eliminating the need for consumers to sort through pages of text. Finally, explainer videos are the best method for communicating health-related information to consumers because people can access video resources online at any time.

Pharmaceutical marketers can demonstrate thought leadership to healthcare professionals through education as well, albeit using a completely different tone and complexity level. HCPs are notoriously pressed for time, and short videos allow companies to convey more targeted messages in a short period of time that a sales rep could. Our explainer video experience at Xavier Creative House includes therapeutic areas such as asthma and oncology – and we’re always looking to add new clients to our growing roster. Please reach out to us via web, phone, or social media, so we can start sharing our expertise with you today!


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