Empathy Wanted-Needed Now More Than Ever

If there is one quality that people value more today than ever before, it is empathy. As we thank the HCPs, first responders, and essential business employees who continue to work at their own risk, recognize that it is their empathy that drives them to serve. Not to confuse empathy with sympathy, the later has been a fixture of the human psyche but does not necessarily include a call to action. Knowing the difference can be a matter of success versus failure in your marketing.

Sympathy Defined
Consider sympathy as something outside of oneself. It can be viewed from afar with detachment. Sympathy doesn’t keep people up in the middle of the night, nor is it top of mind upon waking. It is a gut reaction to the plight of another with a feeling of pity or sorrow.

Understanding Empathy
Imaging oneself in another’s unenviable situation and feeling what it would be like if that happened to you is what makes empathy compelling. The level of empathy is determined by a person’s capacity to sense the emotions of others.

Increasing Empathy
Being empathetic is one way to demonstrate this positive quality to others. Emphasize active listening and show compassion in a noticeable way. Be the conduit for those around you to tune into the need of others and personalize the way they respond. Empathy is in play even when one doesn’t share the viewpoint of another; it is the ability to understand their feelings that promotes a reaction.

At Xavier Creative House we employ emotional storytelling to connect with patients, their caregivers, and HCPs to improve medical outcomes through increased understanding and empathy. We specialize in bold and evocative narratives that bring your brand to life and enable your customers to identify with your purpose. Please reach out if your brand needs talented brand storytellers to engage your target market.

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