Do You Care or Do You Show You Care?

Of course, we all care, because everyone can identify with the impact in some way, large or small, during these uncertain times. Even essential businesses or entrepreneurs offering new concepts, such as virtual babysitting, have a need that may be unspoken. The best thing marketers we can do right now is to LISTEN to the customer, to find out how we can pivot to support them. True, it might look different from the normal interaction. This is where we shine by embracing Customer-Centric Behavior as a core value. The key is to put the focus on your customers and be ready to adapt, operate, and serve in the moment.

This is no time for a sales call.
There are many creative ways to connect and express an interest in a customer. Extending a helping hand is a great opportunity to get the conversation started. This week, XCH is sending our clients a TO SHOW WE CARE package that includes a variety of comforting and inspiring items. Here’s what we selected and why:

What’s in the box?

  • BOMBAS SOCKS: We love the fact that while our customers are enjoying the cozy warmth of these luxurious socks, a companion pair will be donated to a person in need.
  • ON-GUARD HAND SANITIZER: While these have been in and out of stock, it is an essential item and we are thrilled to have gotten a supply to share with our clients. We love this brand because it includes essential oils with an uplifting citrus spice scent.
  • WEBCAM PRIVACY COVER: With so many of our customers using Zoom and other sharing mediums for the first time, we felt this stick-on webcam cover was a meaningful innovation we could share to protect their privacy. We love that this could be ordered in our brand colors.
  • FLOUR SACK KITCHEN HAND TOWEL: Even people who love to eat out, are cooking at home now, so anything for the kitchen is a welcome surprise. We selected this product because 100% of the proceeds are donated to No Kid Hungry.
  • PAPER HAND SOAP: Whaaaat, is that a thing? Yes, it comes in sheets, and we love it because it is disposable after combining with hot water for clean hands on the go.
  • VIRTUAL FITNESS: We added a Director of Wellness to our core team to provide virtual workouts for our staff. Now we’ve extended an invitation for our customers to join us.

Everyone loves getting a package, no matter what’s inside. Selecting items that demonstrate your brand and cultural values helps convey the message that your business is committed to the well-being of your clients. At Xavier Creative House, we use our creativity to demonstrate our core values and to show we care. We are in constant communication with our customers and the greatest gift is learning what they need to keep their businesses healthy at this time so we can provide services that are uniquely suited to support each client. We are experts in pivoting to meet your needs, so please reach out if we can help.

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