Developing new business? Be a brand show off.

Dear House Rules,

I am coming into my heavy sales season. What is the best way to promote my business and get some visibility for my company brand?


Best Use of My Brand

Dear Best Use,

Since you have a defined time-period in which to close business, be sure to warm up your crowd for the big sales push. We recommend drawing them in with increasingly personable outreach. Follow our lead with the 1-2-3 punch to get in front of your customers and knock out the competition.

3 Sure Steps to Show Off Your Brand

  1. Thought Leadership
  2. Build Your Contact List
  3. Face to Face Meetups

Thought Leadership – Prior to your target timeframe, warm up the buying audience with thought leadership by sharing your expertise on topics of interest to your customers. Enhance your content with relevant images, your company colors, and customized links for easy access to your website or landing page. Be bold about sharing what you know and engaging your clientele in an active discussion about how you can support their goals. This builds trust and a desire to know more.

Contact List – Invite the customer to join your contact list in exchange for something of value to them. It could be a discount on their first purchase of the season, a download of your Ebook, or a chance to win a product or service. When you have the right people on your contact list, promoting your company is that much more effective. Be meticulous about each communication to ensure that your business is memorable and credible.

Meetups – Take every opportunity to meet your potential customers in person. Use your contact list to issue VIP passes to an instructional workshop, trade show, or even a kick-off party to the selling season. Host events on-site to show off your company and your employees. Your office is another canvas that demonstrates a commitment to your craft. This is where your brand shines as you combine your outreach with the warmth and credibility of a live handshake.

For unlimited expertise in promoting your brand, work with a professional design firm.

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