Converting Viewers into Customers—and Customers into Converts.

Dear House Rules,

I have a website for my company and recently entered the social selling craze by marketing my business on the internet. I am getting a good number of views but so far, they have not led to any new leads. What can I do to capitalize on the interest my posts are generating and convert them into business prospects?

Something’s Missing?

Dear Missing,

Including simple action steps in your social media communication is the key to turning an interested reader into a prospective customer. Start by providing engaging and useful information in your outreach. Given the overwhelming volume of traffic on the web, quality has become more important than quantity. That means one well-built and creatively illustrated post a week beats a daily message that is hastily constructed and blasted out. Make sure your post includes a next step that will convert the reader into a lead. The proof is in the results, so if you are not generating viable connections from your efforts, try these tips.

3 Steps for Turning Views into Leads:

  1. Add a call to action to your social media post
  2. Collect contact information from each visitor
  3. Send branded content to all of your new contacts

Invite Action

Savvy social sellers ingeniously implement the call to action with a free offer that enables the reader to take the next step towards doing business. For example, “Click here to read my Ebook”; Click here for a free seminar”; “click here to schedule a phone call.” The point is to have something of interest to offer to web visitors that will further engage the reader in becoming your customer. A whitepaper, blogs or a free consultation are all excellent ways to develop a lead. Fully branding each post promotes familiarity with potential customers and builds confidence in your business proposition.

Stay in Touch

Once visitors click through, we suggest you direct them to the fastest path to an appointment, proposal or even sale. Be sure to invite visitors to register while they are enjoying detailed information related to your post. This will enable you to communicate with them again and again, thus beginning a relationship that will likely turn into a lead.

Creatively Brand All Content

Each time you interact with a potential customer, be sure your communication takes full advantage of your brand by prominently presenting your company colors, logo and related images. Even if the reader does not buy from you on the first visit, they are more likely to read another post and click through to your website again. The more quality interactions you can generate the better chance you have of doing business with the reader. The moral of this story is that social media is a complex and iterative path to market your business. A good strategy and professional design support will help you on your way down the path of turning views into leads.


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