Client/Agency Relationship

Do you [heart] your agency?

As a healthcare marketer, you understand the importance of having a strong relationship with your agency. Certainly, a lot is at stake: your reputation (and the agency’s), a pretty hefty marketing budget…and, ultimately, the success of your brand. So how can you help ensure that you and your agency are working as well together as possible?

At Xavier Creative House, the client/agency relationship is everything. To keep that relationship healthy, we abide by the following principles:

Respect and Candor

The best way to lose a client is to always agree with them. The days of the YES are over. If they always get what they asked for then, how are you adding value? We use authentic collaboration—respectfully articulating a unique view to raise the clients’ brand to a level beyond what they could conceive themselves.  The better we listen, the more we understand how to bring the client truly original creative ideas that accomplish their goal.

Originality of Ideas

Our responsibility as a creative healthcare agency is to immerse ourselves in the brand and their customer in order to uncover insights and create original ideas that resonate and disrupt the status quo. And for us, it could entail identifying meaningful new technologies that will elevate the brand messaging and create a bold and memorable brand experience.  To do this well, we know the technology trends without being too trendy (unless your brand requires it, of course!) And in some cases, a new technology may require a client commitment and investment, so we serve as a trusted strategic advisor to balance risk with reward to ensure it provides ROI and moves the brand forward.

Customer Service First

Being accessible and responsive to the client is what builds a true partnership.  Clients want to interact with a decision maker or leader on the team who has industry expertise and intimate knowledge of the account.  A fully connected agency team has their finger on the pulse of key metrics for creative direction, budget, milestones, and how to handle obstacles. We offer a cycle of feedback both internally and with the client that provides communication and strengthens the relationship.

Empowerment Mindset

The agency team doesn’t look like it used to.  Fluid talent intelligence is required to assemble a squad with the right mix of strategy, originality, and tech.  Clients don’t want to pay for agency overhead anymore. We source the best for the current brand need and never look back. Our intelligence teams take on an innovative approach that results in award-winning creative.

Want more tips about embracing your agency relationship?

At Xavier Creative House, our goal is to create bold, evocative work that builds trust and collaborative relationships with our clients.

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Founded in 2013, Xavier Creative House (XCH) is an award-winning healthcare creative agency specializing in pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device. XCH’s global team of brand builders and healthcare marketers, tech-savvy go-getters, and innovative dream-vetters are passionate about the big idea that changes behavior in the healthcare marketplace. They believe life is about connections and that healthcare is about life. That is why XCH delivers bold and evocative creative solutions, amplified by meaningful technology, to energize brands and authentically connect with patients and HCPs.

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