Brand Your Fundraising Event with a Legacy Theme

Dear House Rules,

Each year our non-profit hosts a fundraiser. We were brainstorming to choose a relevant theme for next year when one of the board members suggested that we name our event to launch a legacy that will become synonymous with our brand over the years. How do create a theme that will last forever?

Lasts Forever

Dear Forever,

Creating a legacy theme for your annual fundraiser is a great idea. It begins by fully examining the future you expect to create with the funds. That goes well beyond the physical accomplishments of your organization. For example, if last year’s donations helped build a school, then the legacy would be expressed as a lifetime of learning. Each year, the fundraising would support the continuation or broadening of that concept. Make this your checklist for creating a legacy event.

Acid Test for Creating a Legacy Event

  • Select a theme with infinite possibilities that will grow with the times.
  • Name the event with a universally engaging title that sparks continuous interest.
  • Avoid finite goals that are fulfilled when a particular dollar amount is reached.
  • Publish specific and on-going accomplishments relative to the overarching theme.
  • Brand the event ideals and details in conjunction with the legacy theme

The Value of the Legacy Approach

Events that are memorable and enable one to envision a poignant destiny tend to drive loyal contributors and repeat attendance. This is no small task given the competition for philanthropic support and dollars. Branding plays a major role in creating commitment and steadfast supporters for your non-profit gala that will now garner the emotional response that permeates the soul and lasts a lifetime. To generate this level of engagement work with a professional design company.

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