Better Products, Better Health Through Patient Engagement

Pharmaceutical companies can play a key role in empowering patients with chronic diseases, which often impact every aspect of their lives.

Patient engagement has become a major focus in identifying their needs, building trust and obtaining feedback from patients. Caregivers and patients provide invaluable input about their experiences, concerns and obstacles to receiving therapy and quality care.

Reflecting their dedication to patients’ interests, more than 200 biotechnology and pharmaceutical leaders signed “A New Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Industry Commitment to Patients & the Public” in January, affirming their mission to provide quality medications and ensure patient access to these products while they act with integrity and responsibility.

The pharmaceutical industry increasingly focuses on providing personalized support. To maintain this effort, patient engagement must be ongoing and consistent. Companies need to partner with patients, caregivers and advocacy groups. Participants can provide input through patient-focused advisory groups, focus groups and interviews, as well as social media, apps, videoconferencing and other technologies.

Their feedback should influence every aspect of the industry as new solutions are developed and refined, guiding product research and development, education, services and support and assisting patients at every stage of their disease.

At Xavier Creative House, Where Healthcare Brands LiveTM, we believe life is about connections and connections are about life. We specialize in pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical devices and health systems. We can help you build meaningful connections with your patients that center on their experiences. Our innovative services include developing patient education materials, implementing digital channels and social media marketing, and providing many more groundbreaking solutions.

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