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Here’s a Gift from Behavioral Science

Understanding where behavioral science fits into the marketing model can make the difference between bold impact and falling flat. In patient-centric healthcare, we need to know how customers think and what propels them to take action. Behavioral science is an integral tool in this quest.

Marketers increasingly apply insights from behavioral science to develop strategies that consider how HCPs make decisions, determined by the emotions that influence their choices and direct their behavior. Evidence-based information helps marketers choose targeted approaches that reflect a better understanding of patients, the best methods to connect with them, and what motivates them.

Behavioral science can help marketers surpass the results they have achieved with traditional marketing techniques by recognizing that one size does not fit all. Research helps marketers group segments of a population by their beliefs and how they receive information and respond. This knowledge can help marketers tailor types of content to these groups and favorably time the release. Well-positioned messaging can influence people, improve adherence, and motivate them to make decisions to improve their health.

Behavioral science will increasingly drive fresh, inventive tactics based on scientific research to make marketing more human. At Xavier Creative House, we develop bold and evocative creative solutions that authentically connect with patients and HCPs. Our innovative relationship-focused messaging resonates with our clients and their customers in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries.

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