Are Your Suppliers Sustainable?

3 Easy Steps to Enhance Procurement

Business sustainability is raising the profile of global companies. Take the Amazon and Mercedes Benz collaboration to launch a fleet of electric delivery vehicles as an example. This brings up a question, “Do you have to be an industry giant to commit to a social responsibility platform?” According to the 2020 Business Sustainability Risk & Performance Index, small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have just as much ability to impact the economic, social, and natural environments as large corporations. It also notes that enterprise performance is improved by developing a sustainable supply base. Companies of all sizes realized the dramatic impact of the health and social crises on vulnerable businesses. If the success of your company depends on the viability of your suppliers, now is the time to boost the procurement process to address supplier resiliency. Here are a few ways to get started.

Sustainable Procurement for Newbies

  1. Read the Website of the company you plan to hire as a supplier or service provider to see if they publish 2050 sustainability goals. This can help you narrow your list of companies to those that practice preparedness.
  2. Ask them About It by adding sustainability criteria to your bid request or by asking for a CSR score. Your inquiry promotes that adding corporate social responsibility to the value proposition creates a competitive advantage.
  3. Join a Sustainable Partner Program and use the membership list to check your options for hiring vendors and suppliers that share your social responsibility commitment.

XCH joined the Carbonfund.org Partner Program to source sustainable suppliers and published a 2050 pledge on our website. Any size company can prepare for a sustainable future. At Xavier Creative House, we let our values drive our sustainable actions to support the environment, ethics, labor & human rights, and sustainable procurement.

As a creative healthcare agency, XCH helps our clients meet their sustainability goals with bold and evocative campaigns to increase awareness of their 2050 pledge. Companies enhance consumer perception by demonstrating their ability to look forward and improve resiliency. To source a sustainable healthcare creative agency, include Xavier Creative House in your procurement cycle.

Reference: https://resources.ecovadis.com/blog/2020-index-a-sustainable-supply-base-leads-to-strong-performance

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