Should I Animate My Logo?

Dear House Rules,

Our pharmaceutical company is small, and we’re looking for any way we can to stand out in a crowded field. One thing I’ve been seeing more often lately in other market segments is animated logos – but I haven’t seen it much in the pharma space. Should we explore?


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Dear Remembered:

An animated logo can be a great way to make sure your customers remember you, but of course it also makes sense to be cognizant of your industry: a bank wouldn’t want a very jazzy logo, but a movie studio might. You and your team know your brand better than anyone. Spend a day or so having a “brand DNA” session with your top executives to distill exactly what you want your logo to communicate. It could be “innovation” or “experience” or “compassion” – whatever your brand essence is, you’ll get a much better animated logo when you can convey it exactly to your creative partner.

Still on the fence? Here are a few other reasons to create an animated version of your logo:

  • More marketing is digital every day. Every rep has a tablet. Every pharma company has a website. Every online version of a relevant journal has banner ads from pharma companies. Plus, video marketing (youtube.com, for example) is the fastest growing method of internet marketing – and it’s moving at light speed. It is essential to use video in the marketing of your business. If you’re creating videos to promote your business, it’s equally crucial to “tag” your video with your logo. As an intro or outro to your video, an animated logo both introduces your video and provides a visual reminder of your branding at the close.
  • An animated logo gives your branding more screen time. If you are only using a static logo at the end of your marketing video, it gets boring rather quickly. However, if you animate your logo the viewer will have reason to keep looking at it – giving you and your brand more screen time
  • An animated logo shows attention to detail. The fact is, when your viewers see that your logo is animated, they know that you sweat the small stuff. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, your clients and customers want to know that you care about doing things properly. When you go the extra mile in any area of your business, like animating your logo, it communicates that you care enough to go the extra mile for them as well

At Xavier Creative House, we decided to develop an animated logo that would convey our brand essence to our customers in our digital communications:

Contact us today to see how we can help you create an animated logo for your company that gets your message across before you even start your pitch!


House Rules

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