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Tech Trends Boost Accessibility

Becoming your best self just got DIY status thanks to an innovation spike that expanded personalized wellness options. Accessibility is key, and consumers are demanding virtual wellness solutions. With the move towards individualized programming, the one size fits all group approach is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Smaller, incremental changes are trending and proving to be as effective as they are popular. There is no turning back for consumers who, after tasting choice, are unlikely to accept less. This is what’s trending in wellness.

Personalized Wellness Trends

  1. Fitness Equipment with Smart Feedback
  2. Apps for Outcome-Based Meditation
  3. AI-Infused Diagnostics
  4. Plant-Based Diets

On-demand, individualized options are dominating fitness. Technology-driven workout equipment such as Peloton and Mirror are making customized progression available. Routines based on user physical stats and performance are created to advance the fitness level. On the other end of the mind-body-spirit spectrum are Apps such as Simple Habit or Calm that target particular issues by sourcing a meditation that addresses things like rejuvenation, sleep readiness, or preparation for a competition. Regardless of the need, there is a meditation available to specifically target the topic, and it can be accessed when you choose. AI is becoming more accepted and has made its way in Apps like WebMD and Sense.ly. People who want 24/7 access to their vitals are utilizing programs that interpret their symptoms based on artificial intelligence with access to an ever-increasing pool of data. Diet is also on the mind of health-conscious adults, many of whom are trying plant-based meats, ,including the Impossible Burger and other vegetarian or vegan alternatives like Chickpea Meatballs.

As a healthcare creative agency, we are closely following AI-infused apps, wearables, and software that improve screenings for diseases, evaluate health, and make diagnostics available to individuals. Advancements in healthcare technology are changing the industry, and we use bold and evocative designs to match the innovative nature of the evolving wellness culture. To Harness The Magic of XCH’s positive energy and original thinking, contact us.

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