A Whole New Conversation for Healthcare Marketing

Wondering how to reach a healthcare audience distracted by the ongoing issues of the pandemic? Effective marketing requires increased sensitivity to what is foremost in the mind of HCPs and patients based on rapidly evolving needs. One upside is that the true heroes of healthcare have been recognized. It is time to acknowledge the social benefit of the vaccine efforts and the risks taken to care for the critically ill. With the serious nature of the pandemic, marketers are heeding the call for transparency and thoughtfully crafted messaging with several categories gaining traction.

The Collaborators
Manufacturers are being recognized for sharing data and drug formulas to hasten the race for a coronavirus vaccine. Healthcare tech is focusing on remote monitoring systems that augment telehealth sessions by recording and transmitting the patient’s vital signs. Pharmacies have pivoted from filling their retail footprint with sundry items to developing a one-stop-shop for urgent care, COVID testing, and “health at home” products. And, more impactful is the number of vaccinations pharmacies can roll out in a signal month that according to the National Association of Chain Drug Stores is ~100 million.

The Communicators

Automation of monitoring, tracking, and gathering statistics is now becoming a factor. The National Association of City and County Health Officials is offering Data Lab, a portal with access to everything from hospital capacity by the county to how many people tested positive in a particular area. This type of information is also gathered via Apps such as COVIDAlert.pa.gov and TIM (Text Illness Monitoring) that help public health organizations monitor symptoms or other indicators of coronavirus.

The Counselors

To field the surge of patient requests for information, COVID Advice Lines are popping up as option number one when calling the doctor’s office, hospitals, pharmacies, and local health agencies. With the deluge of information available on the internet, patients are seeking a live voice they can trust to discuss their symptoms and options for testing and treatment. Another reputation builder for pharma has been tapping into the credibility of doctors and scientists to update consumers on vaccine progress and to explain the process that goes into developing and validating the efficacy and safety of these remedies.

Healthcare Marketers seeking to promote the value of one brand, are now supported by goodwill driven by the contributions of the healthcare community as a whole. Continuing the positive flow is the goal for 2021, as healthcare seeks to deliver a cure, preserve access to care, and maintain a leadership role in the public health arena.

At Xavier Creative House, we approach brand marketing challenges with the kind of candor that spotlights rapidly evolving norms in healthcare. Our Bold & Evocative solutions are tailored to the digital space for a perfect fit with the new virtual challenges of healthcare marketers.

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