A Great Way to Build Your Brand Is to Talk about It. In Public.

Dear House Rules,

I am a reluctant speaker but I get many requests from industry associations and networking groups to participate on panels and even deliver expert presentations based on my immense knowledge. I can’t turn down all of the invites and I’m starting to think there must be a way to approach this task and present in public more confidently. Do you recommend I keep trying or keep quiet to protect my company’s brand?

Public Speaking Challenged

Dear Challenged,

You are not alone. One of the greatest fears of human beings is public speaking. Today, many leaders are accepting invitations to speak with the help of their marketing team. The trick is to package your knowledge in a way that can be shared effortlessly and authentically. A custom designed template is what we recommend to guide your presentation through a flawless delivery. Follow these simple steps to branding your presentation and start saying YES to those speaking invites NOW.

5 Ways to Brand Your Presentation

  1. Create a custom slide show to go along with you talk
  2. Includes company imagery and colors in creative ways that tie in with the topic
  3. Introduce each speaking point with a picture and a few key words as speaking prompt
  4. Script your presentation in stories and lessons from your experience
  5. Build your speech around a few take-aways which are digestible and portable

Get the support you need

Start preparing as soon as you get the date of the presentation. Sit down with your marketing team to determine which images powerfully covey the essence of what you wish to share in the address. Feel free to write out what you hope to convey but then condense that down into key words or images that remind you of the next point. Work with a content specialist to distill your communication down into clear lessons that your audience can understand and use in their businesses. The less scripted you are, the more relatable you will be to the audience. Keep it simple is an understatement. Let powerful images captivate your audience while you relay actual tales of business challenges and critical success factors. You will be a smash hit.

To make the most of your branding effort, hire a professional creative brand agency.

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