A Day In The Life of Sunny-Beth White

Dear House Rules,

I enjoyed your last blog describing what Xavier Creative House staff does each day. However, I’m curious about the person who runs the whole thing. What’s a day in the life like for the head of the company? Do they get to sit back and relax as everyone else does the work?


The View From Up There?

Dear Up There:

Not quite! The Xavier Creative House Founder & CEO, Sunny Beth White, wears many hats. Her responsibilities include Leadership of Operations, Strategy, Employee Development & Customer Engagement/Service. For more detail, House Rules talked to Sunny recently to get her perspective on running an agency. That Q&A follows:

HR: What’s an average day like for you at Xavier Creative House?

SW: Each day brings new challenges and validation of the knowledge and expertise of our amazing team. Communication is key to empower our XCH superstars, so I engage them in regular sessions to develop strategic roadmaps for our existing and prospective clients. I initiate frequent professional contact with our client base and I’m always available to XCH department heads to ensure all current projects are on Brand, reflecting the client’s original brief, and adhering to their timelines.

HR: How is your time divided as an operational leader?

SW: I devote approximately 60% of my time to new business development, customer engagement, and service, and 40% to leading operations of the agency and planning our strategy moving forward. From a personal perspective, my objective is to demonstrate our commitment to the customer-centric core values that embody us – and enhance the client’s Brand. I choose to be selective in our client base, so we can give each client the focus they truly deserve.

HR: What strategy will move the company forward?

SW: Our top priority in our 5-year growth plan is scalability. This includes a continual effort to source high impact talent who appreciate the flexibility and adaptability our virtual model provides. In addition, we hope to expand the depth of our service offerings through partnerships and strategic alliances enhanced by networking efforts.

HR: How do you attract the best talent. What do you do to enrich their jobs?

SW: I value every team member at our agency, regardless of whether they’re permanent or part of our established group of freelancers. We motivate and grow our staff by matching them with meaningful opportunities in which they are qualified to achieve steady progress. We’re glad to have such a wide variety of backgrounds and experience from which to draw so we can produce the best work for our clients. This also helps us meet our longer-term goals of scalability and growth.

HR: Showcase your enthusiasm for your work and profession.

SW: I established this independent and spirited agency in 2013 – coincidentally, on the July 4th weekend. I’m proud of our service model, and my intimate connection to the customer and our employees that makes the client’s Brand sing. This is what creates a Brand that is completely unique. <#BoldandEvocative>. I passionately serve as the face of Xavier, a frequent speaker and constant advocate for our Brand as we continue to infiltrate and reach our target markets in pharmaceutical, biotech, and hospital systems.

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