Should Your Company Budget for Giving?

Dear House Rules,

I just hired two new employees. This is their first job and I was surprised when they asked if I had a budget for corporate giving. Is this a Millennial thing or should I be taking this request seriously?


Giving Budget

Dear Giving,

Great advice from the younger generation. February is a good month to begin if you plan to give from the heart. Millennials grew up in a global culture with access to unlimited information on the plight of others. That exposure has grown a whole new generation of givers, and yes, they expect to see this philanthropic attitude mirrored in the workplace. You do not have to break the bank to set a budget for philanthropy. Here are four tips on making the most of giving in the workplace.

4 Ways to Give on a Budget

  1. Set aside a modest amount per employee and let them pick the charity
  2. Match employee donations up to a preset amount you can afford
  3. Have employees submit their favorite charity and then pick one a month to make a donation
  4. Run a 50/50 with half the winnings going to a local shelter

We recommend that all companies keep the community in mind when you sit down to budget for the year. Whatever amount your company can give, be sure to involve the employee in picking the charities and contributing with ideas and their own donations. The company that gives together succeeds together so make February the first month of your giving program. If you need custom design to accompany your company giving, work with a professional design agency.

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