There is No “I” in Brand

Dear House Rules,

I understand presenting a clear brand identity for my business is important, but do I personally have to be part of that? My company culture and mission is not reflective of my personal life; it is strictly business. I value my privacy and do not want to use my name to promote my company? How can I keep my personal and business personas separate?


All Business


Dear All Business,

Depending on the size of your company, access to the CEO is variable and depends on the strength of the corporate structure and culture. For a firm that has taken on a persona whole and separate from that of its founder, look for these facets.

Qualities of an Independent Business Brand

1. Published Vision, Mission, and Core Values

2. Formal Human Resources Department

3. Employee Training Program

4. CEO Works on the Business and not In the Business

Not every CEO is the heart and soul of a business. Many entrepreneurs start multiple businesses by lending their expertise in funding and launch. Running a business is better left to managers and leaders with administrative talent and experience. It is understandable that a founder gravitate to a chairperson’s type role once the company is up and running. In that case, we agree, that your company brand can stand alone without a connection to you. To sort out the delicate balance between too much and not enough branding, work with a professional design firm.

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