Unexpected Aspects of your Personal Brand

Dear House Rules,

I have been reading about how an improved image can enhance business. I like to keep things simple. How can I find a straightforward way to ensure my personal brand is business ready?


Spruce Up My Image

Dear Spruce Up,

We agree that a solid personal brand complements business reputation. The approach doesn’t have to be complicated but it should be about more than just appearances.

Here are four aspects of personal brand that may surprise you.

4 Personal Brand Staples

1. Responsiveness
2. Relatedness
3. Expertise
4. Integrity

Your customers, vendors, and employees will react positively to a variety of stimuli regarding your interactions. Perhaps the most powerful signal that you are committed to quality service is how long it takes you to respond to inquiries. Take time to acknowledge every request right away even if it you cannot complete it. This builds confidence about your approachability and reliability. Treat your connections as business currency to build strong and lasting professional relationships. Build your skills and share your knowledge with your network. As a point person in your industry, customers are more likely to buy from you as something they know and trust.Be forthcoming, honest, and authentic. People respect you most when you are being “real” so don’t put on a persona that isn’t you. A subject matter expert who does what they say, when they say it and consistently contributes to their industry is all the personal branding you need to help your company succeed. To build brand awareness, work with a professional design firm.

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