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Xavier Partnership with Confideo Labs

Make Virtual Reality Work for Your Brand.

VR provides a ground-breaking opportunity to deliver critical medical content in the most immersive digital environment available.  Amplify storytelling and measurably deepen engagement across channels and audiences.

Live action VR video - i.e., patient perspectives or interactive facility tours
Medical animation - i.e., MOA
Mixed Media - i.e., KOL Vignette

Bring your brand to life by delivering an immersive experience unlike any other.

“Virtual Reality represents a game changing opportunity to elevate engagement and deepen education to aide clinical decision-making for practitioners… It needs to be in the toolkit for pharma marketing as an invaluable future strategy for customer engagement.”

- IRVING KENT LOH, MD, FACC, FAHA, FCCP, FACP, as published in PM360, May 2017

By pioneering the VR revolution in healthcare, Confideo Labs has enabled unparalleled immersive engagement opportunities for a range of pharmaceutical brands. Xavier Creative House is proud to partner with a company that has defined industry best practices, navigated med-legal waters successfully, and delivered award-winning work.

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