For the past 35 years, Valley Health System (VHS) has been able to provide superior healthcare services because of the collaboration that exists among its doctors, employees, patients, partnering providers and its donors. The organization wanted to showcase this collaboration through an impactful Annual & Philanthropy Report that would also include a historical timeline detailing the history of the organization’s accomplishments.
  • TOOLS:
    Creative Concept Development; 50-page Annual & Philanthropy Report; Mailing Collateral
    The collaborative nature of VHS’s success was brought to life through the simple yet powerful theme of “Working Together.” This theme was illustrated with the visual concept of working “gears,” which were weaved throughout the book to connect the contributions of all of the people that come together to make VHS the special organization that it is. The gears were then kicked up a notch by using specialized printing techniques like spot UV and embossing that made these graphic elements virtually jump off the pages. The 2015 Valley Health Annual & Philanthropy Report has received stellar reviews from VHS as well as its customers, donors and partners, with the result that the organization is now considering incorporating the Working Together campaign into its various digital platforms.
A center-spread timeline brought to life the milestones along VHS’s journey of Working Together throughout its 35-year history.
The graphical gear concept visually captures all of the pieces that are Working Together to make a successful healthcare system.
Working Together not only represents VHS’s vision of success, but also has come to be the hallmark of Xavier’s working relationship with this amazing client.